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An API for Money & Value

Build a fully customisable wallet experience. Unlock cash flows with smart contract software. Move money and value instantly and automatically between buyers, sellers and financiers.

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Our users don’t need to know a thing about tokens or on-chain payments to see the reward we are bringing.
Simon Haldrup, CEO
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Supporting farmers to make a sustainable and profitable transition to regenerative agriculture.

Money API - Automate everything finance

Our Money API allows you to automate everything finance. We have taken care of the regulatory and technical complexity so you can focus on customers and great user experiences.

Milestone Based Finance

  • Contract Signed

  • Milestone 1

  • Milestone 2

  • Project Completed

Let workflow events trigger the release of funds.

Sellers get paid the moment they complete work - not months after.

1 Swipe Payouts


Any number of payouts done with a single swipe.

Reach new levels of efficiency in your payout process - no more manual work, no more time wasted, no more human error.

Split Payments

Automate revenue sharing based on your business logic.

Send one invoice but split payments into as many streams as you like.

Instant Settlement

Settle in Real-Time

Do full clearing and settlement in seconds.

Move money between buyer, seller and your business in real time.

Remove the uncertainty and liquidity costs of slow, outdated bank transfers for your customers.

Coming soon

Built-in Escrow

Hold money between buyers, sellers and financiers.

Set funds in escrow until pre-defined conditions are met and thereby build trust and certainty directly into your workflows.

Start your tokenisation journey

Accelerate your Web3 journey and experience the next generation of value exchange. Remove friction and bring new liquidity possibilities to your users.

Tokenise Business Assets

Accelerate your platform’s transition into the next generation of value exchange.

Use tokens as financial collateral to remove friction and provide liquidity to your users.

One Ledger Transparency

Asset ownership and money is represented on the same blockchain ledger.

Increase trust in business workflows with a new level of verifiability.

Eliminate Settlement Risk

Assets ownership can be atomically exchanged for money.

Money only changes hands if asset ownership does. This means no delivery vs payment risk, which builds trust and certainty between businesses.

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