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Financial infrastructure built for carbon reduction platforms

ZTLment is an EU-regulated payments institution built on blockchain to help carbon reduction platforms automate finance processes, increase transparency, and tokenise business assets.

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id: 123,
milestone: '1 of 10',
trigger: 'certificate-issued',
percentage: 10,
amount: 100000
currency: 'EUR'
milestone_id: 123,
certificate: 'ISO'
buyer: 'Aeroplane Inc.',
seller: 'Green Farms',
offset: '10 tn',
contractValue: 100000
currency: 'EUR'

Europe's first regulated payments institution built on blockchain

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Blockchain allows for efficient settlement of payments. ZTLment’s solution facilitates payments with electronic money issued on Blockchain.
Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

PSD2 Regulated

GDPR Compliant

You're in great company

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Our users don’t need to know a thing about tokens or on-chain payments to see the reward we are bringing.
Simon Haldrup, CEO
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Supporting farmers to make a sustainable and profitable transition to regenerative agriculture.

Milestone Based Finance

  • Contract Signed

  • Milestone 1

  • Milestone 2

  • Project Completed

Let workflow events trigger the release of funds.

Sellers get paid the moment they complete work - not months after.

Split Payments

Automate revenue sharing based on your business logic.

Send one invoice but split payments into as many streams as you like.

1 Swipe Payouts


Any number of payouts done with a single swipe.

Reach new levels of efficiency in your payout process - no more manual work, no more time wasted, no more human error.

One Ledger Transparency

Asset ownership and money is represented on the same blockchain ledger.

Increase trust in business workflows with a new level of verifiability.

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